Watching the impala rut

Impala: Aepyceros melampus I always look forward to the period (in the Kruger) from late April to late June – the annual impala rut – because I get the opportunity to watch such amazing vocal and visual displays that are … Read More

the kruger national park view

Management, the other side of the Kruger coin

Now is the time for South African’s and the South African media to put their Saturday morning beers down, put out the braai fires and dowse their willingness to react, half cocked, to an incredibly unfortunate and horrific set of … Read More

giraffe at sunset kruger park

The silent noises of the Kruger Park

I am often reminded about all the different aspects of communication in the bush including the silent noises, and how important it is to understand those voices and to see the ‘body language’ of animals, to really appreciate the whole … Read More