DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details

DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details   I’m about to spend the next two weeks conducting my favourite safari itinerary in the Kruger National Park. A great North to South adventure and a stunning experience of the diversity and wealth of … Read More

Watching the impala rut

Impala: Aepyceros melampus I always look forward to the period (in the Kruger) from late April to late June – the annual impala rut – because I get the opportunity to watch such amazing vocal and visual displays that are … Read More

scarab rolling dung in the kruger

Facts and Faeces – Another Shit Day in Africa Birthday Calendar order form


hornbill in kruger

Walking towards freedom: Guiding in the Kruger National Park

There are two important reasons why I am still passionate about guiding in the Kruger National Park. The first is that I know that every game drive or bush walk I conduct will be different from the last one. The … Read More

nei heron guiding in the kruger park

Copy and Paste guiding in the Kruger National Park

10 examples of a growing ethic, copy and paste guiding in the Kruger National Park. The guide’s knowledge is repeated parrot fashion straight out of his/her training manuals. The guide uses a radio to move from one sighting to the … Read More

talking trees closeup kruger

Talking trees in the Kruger

The plant world had their Internet millions of years before we did! In their world the communication infrastructure is called proto-cooperation. Ours is called the world-wide-web. In the natural world there is no language barrier as with us humans, every … Read More

fish eagle in the kruger

Respecting the environment of the Kruger

The Kruger National Park is not a game park, it is not a safari park or merely a reserve set out to preserve African animals. The Kruger Park is a 2 million hectare, pristine natural area that still supports the … Read More

giraffe at sunset kruger park

The silent noises of the Kruger Park

I am often reminded about all the different aspects of communication in the bush including the silent noises, and how important it is to understand those voices and to see the ‘body language’ of animals, to really appreciate the whole … Read More

black rhino in the kruger national park

Encountering animals in the Kruger National Park

Lest you have broken the Kruger National Park’s rules about getting out of your vehicle, it is unlikely that you will encounter dangerous animals on foot without the services of an armed guide or tracker. The encounters you may have … Read More

African sunset in the Kruger National Park

At the campfire in the Kruger National Park

I’m sitting at my campfire in the Kruger National Park contemplating the differences between stone-age man and myself. Three and a half thousand years ago he would have been sitting in the dark, perhaps contemplating what would become of his … Read More