Watching the impala rut

Impala: Aepyceros melampus I always look forward to the period (in the Kruger) from late April to late June – the annual impala rut – because I get the opportunity to watch such amazing vocal and visual displays that are … Read More

oxpeckers vampires in the kruger park

Blood, sweat and ears: Oxpecker vampires in the Kruger Park

Relationships between the animals in the Kruger are often regarded as symbiotic – mutualism, parasitism or predatory – but have we really spent time watching the outcomes of these interactions. The ant-lion and the ant, the spider-hunting wasp! Egrets and … Read More

scarab rolling dung in the kruger

At a kill in the Kruger – two accounts of interpretation

My many years guiding international visitors to the Kruger have provided me with fantastic opportunities to explore the different aspects of life on the African savannah. Whether we are looking at the actual animal, or simply at its signs, the … Read More