DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details

DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details   I’m about to spend the next two weeks conducting my favourite safari itinerary in the Kruger National Park. A great North to South adventure and a stunning experience of the diversity and wealth of … Read More

Monitor lizard facts

The Varanidae; a family of lizards of which the Komodo dragon is the largest. This one, the water monitor (Varanus niloticus) is the largest lizard in Africa. The other one we have is the rock monitor (Varanus albigularis) a heavy … Read More

rhino head in the kruger park

Valentine’s day rhinos – behavioral encounters in the Kruger Park

Territorial and sexual behaviour of white rhinos on Valentines Day What a coincidence! My text message to my wife wishing her ‘happy Valentines day’ was going to be my only representation of love and war on this particular valentine’s day, … Read More