Endangered spaces: have the guardians become the rapists?

The fractal is an evolving same same pattern of life’s need to recreate itself. Its beauty is only a perception. A reflection of our need to perceive and to reflect. A fractal is a self-perpetuating struggle for life in a … Read More

Watching the impala rut

Impala: Aepyceros melampus I always look forward to the period (in the Kruger) from late April to late June – the annual impala rut – because I get the opportunity to watch such amazing vocal and visual displays that are … Read More


There are several key concerns that I have with regards to our new burgeoning legal, albeit regulated, trade in rhino horn. Now that its legal to trade rhino horn locally, it must surely be legal to start aggressive marketing and … Read More

The hunters tools

INDIVIDUAL SPEED, STRENGTH AND SURPRISE in the fight for survival is essential.  From the sheer power of a lion or elephant in attack or defense, to the ‘startle displays’ of the chameleon and the incredible speed of a cheetah are … Read More

scarab rolling dung in the kruger

Facts and Faeces – Another Shit Day in Africa Birthday Calendar order form


Monitor lizard facts

The Varanidae; a family of lizards of which the Komodo dragon is the largest. This one, the water monitor (Varanus niloticus) is the largest lizard in Africa. The other one we have is the rock monitor (Varanus albigularis) a heavy … Read More

Talking armpits? Guiding through pheromones!

“No pheromonal substance has ever been demonstrated to directly influence human behaviour.” That’s what the scientists say…but one smelly armpit around the braaifire (barbecue) could destroy such statements. Are we sure that our ‘anthropines’ ( human pheromones) and are our … Read More

Elephant crossing river in Kruger

On Safari – A journey through the sands of time

My journey (safari) in your presence always begins from within my own sense of exploration. Mine is a combination of philosophy, physics, the sciences within life, and all the promises of tomorrow. I will stop and pick up a piece … Read More

elephant eating in the kruger

One blinking little light!

Imagine this. You’re on an elephant bull sighting, nothing out of the ordinary – a young elephant bull grazing about 30 meters from you. Your guests are from Canada and the USA, they arrived a few hours earlier and you … Read More

hornbill in kruger

Walking towards freedom: Guiding in the Kruger National Park

There are two important reasons why I am still passionate about guiding in the Kruger National Park. The first is that I know that every game drive or bush walk I conduct will be different from the last one. The … Read More