Endangered spaces: have the guardians become the rapists?

The fractal is an evolving same same pattern of life’s need to recreate itself. Its beauty is only a perception. A reflection of our need to perceive and to reflect. A fractal is a self-perpetuating struggle for life in a … Read More

DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details

DIGGING DEEPER-Looking for the details   I’m about to spend the next two weeks conducting my favourite safari itinerary in the Kruger National Park. A great North to South adventure and a stunning experience of the diversity and wealth of … Read More

HUNTING FOR THE TRUTH: is Skye the limit?

HUNTING FOR THE TRUTH is Skye the limit? For many of us Skye, the Umbabat/Kruger lion, was named at the same time he got the bullet that ended his life. He was named because people wanted to mourn the murder … Read More

Watching the impala rut

Impala: Aepyceros melampus I always look forward to the period (in the Kruger) from late April to late June – the annual impala rut – because I get the opportunity to watch such amazing vocal and visual displays that are … Read More