animals of the kruger park

Conservation in South Africa – An ethic in conflict

Conserving ‘natural spaces’ to be natural – protecting nature and the resources she provides to us is not a new concern; it is in fact, a part of our entire human philosophical and religious history. Protecting our environment and conservation … Read More

hyena in the kruger

Guiding with feeling in the Kruger Park

Just before first light – the time of unanswered hyena whoops – just before the francolins wake and as the first lion greets dawn with shattering voice my day begins. A waking realisation that my actions today will increase my … Read More

lion sleeping close up

Looking for lions

Lions are panthers, so are leopards, jaguars and tigers. None of them can purr but they can roar! They are sometimes called the roaring cats for this reason. Panther(s) or the pantherines have voice boxes that allow them to roar … Read More

the kruger national park view

Management, the other side of the Kruger coin

Now is the time for South African’s and the South African media to put their Saturday morning beers down, put out the braai fires and dowse their willingness to react, half cocked, to an incredibly unfortunate and horrific set of … Read More

kruger senses sunrise

Kruger senses – Tracking the spirit of safari

Dawn arrives – first news comes from the quieting of nocturnal insects, then an orange wash wipes the blackness from the eastern skies. I can see the tree-line silhouetted in front of me. Dawn is magical on the savannah, greeted … Read More

oxpeckers vampires in the kruger park

Blood, sweat and ears: Oxpecker vampires in the Kruger Park

Relationships between the animals in the Kruger are often regarded as symbiotic – mutualism, parasitism or predatory – but have we really spent time watching the outcomes of these interactions. The ant-lion and the ant, the spider-hunting wasp! Egrets and … Read More

grass kruger national park

Grass means different things to different people

Grass means different things to different people. Grass is an undisputed champion of entertainment for our children. It is a really expensive field with a manicured surface for many golf, rugby and soccer professionals. Farmers will see grass as a … Read More

rhino bull at the kruger park

Twinkle twinkle little star I wonder how the rhinos are?

There are probably about one hundred thousand million stars in our own Milky Way galaxy. On the darkest and clearest night in the Kruger we can probably see 2 500 of them with the naked eye. The closest one to … Read More

scarab rolling dung in the kruger

At a kill in the Kruger – two accounts of interpretation

My many years guiding international visitors to the Kruger have provided me with fantastic opportunities to explore the different aspects of life on the African savannah. Whether we are looking at the actual animal, or simply at its signs, the … Read More

nei heron guiding in the kruger park

Copy and Paste guiding in the Kruger National Park

10 examples of a growing ethic, copy and paste guiding in the Kruger National Park. The guide’s knowledge is repeated parrot fashion straight out of his/her training manuals. The guide uses a radio to move from one sighting to the … Read More