golden orb spider

Guiding in March – Kruger seasons

The month of March often highlights change in the Kruger landscape; and as it does, so does the opportunity for me to guide through it. March sees a sudden surge in greenness, surface water and insects. The spiders, scorpions and … Read More

buffalo encounter on walking safari

Walking safaris in the Kruger Park

Neil’s encounters with wildlife while mostly on foot during his walking safaris in the Kruger Park Elephant – cow herd – deliberate – 40 meters – on foot First noticed fresh feeding signs and dung. We were walking in an … Read More

giraffe skin in the kruger national park

What do you get when you cross a leopard with a camel? A giraffe!

The answer is a camelopardalis; Giraffa camelopardalis, named because it has a head like a camel and spots like a leopard. The name “giraffe” has its earliest known origins in the Arabic word الزرافة al-zirāfah, perhaps from an African name. … Read More

rhino head in the kruger park

Valentine’s day rhinos – behavioral encounters in the Kruger Park

Territorial and sexual behaviour of white rhinos on Valentines Day What a coincidence! My text message to my wife wishing her ‘happy Valentines day’ was going to be my only representation of love and war on this particular valentine’s day, … Read More

fish eagle in the kruger

Respecting the environment of the Kruger

The Kruger National Park is not a game park, it is not a safari park or merely a reserve set out to preserve African animals. The Kruger Park is a 2 million hectare, pristine natural area that still supports the … Read More

giraffe at sunset kruger park

The silent noises of the Kruger Park

I am often reminded about all the different aspects of communication in the bush including the silent noises, and how important it is to understand those voices and to see the ‘body language’ of animals, to really appreciate the whole … Read More

black rhino in the kruger national park

Encountering animals in the Kruger National Park

Lest you have broken the Kruger National Park’s rules about getting out of your vehicle, it is unlikely that you will encounter dangerous animals on foot without the services of an armed guide or tracker. The encounters you may have … Read More

elephant in kruger national park

Recapitulate: Safari scrabble in the Kruger National Park

On my recent safari in the Kruger National Park a simple statement: “I’m going to sit at the dam and recapitulate today’s events!” became a four-minute obsession between one person who knew exactly what she was saying, and two other … Read More

lion cub in the kruger park

Waiting for lions in the Kruger Park

It’s about 05H30 in the morning. I have some guests in the vehicle and we’re driving slowly along the N’waswitsontso River. The bush has greened up after the rains, the grass cover is high limiting our vision to ten or … Read More

the bearded heron coffee shop

The Bearded Heron ‘Coffee shop’

Other vehicles role passed us in the Kruger Park – everyone inside them intent on finding out why we’ve stopped! The questions are extraordinary: “Are you looking at anything interesting? What are you watching? Have you seen anything?” I hold … Read More