About us

We are a specialist Kruger safari operator. We conduct our own privately guided small group safaris into the Kruger.

The Bearded Heron - Neil Heron - is a qualified trails ranger and field guide and conducts our safaris from his own open game viewing vehicle. Neil is well known for his incredible insights, interpretations and bush skills when it comes to African wildlife and game viewing.

We understand our guest needs and comfort while on safari and our 500 testimonials are recorded on the testimonials page on this website. With 15 years of experience in the Kruger, Neil is a highly experienced specialist guide in the Kruger.

We deliver the very best experiences for international visitors from across the world. Our business was started by the passion and deep love of the Kruger, its ecological diversity and the magic of South Africa, its people, culture and wildlife.

We remain committed to providing international visitors to the Kruger with once-in-a-lifetime experiences of Africa’s greatest natural area, through our 5-star hospitality and speciality guiding.

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